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5 Incredible Things Maidenhead Gave the World

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Maidenhead is a great tourist destination that offers a lot about the history of the world. There is always something new happening in Maidenhead. The town has one of the oldest and strongest conservative majorities in the world. But the people are still welcoming and like to tell others about their history. Maidenhead has a lot to offer to tourists as they are given so much to the world. Let us take a look at the Maidenhead’s interesting events and inventions that affected the world.


One of the oldest Roman villas in the world

The village at Cox Green is one of the oldest villages that goes back to 100 AD. It was the time when Romans had there spread in the area. The villa was first discovered through aerial photography in the 1950s and was only dug up almost a decade later. This Roman villa is said to be one of the oldest and highly advanced villas compared to any other villas discovered around the world. The experts believed that this villa was used for various things, including agriculture, barn, and for creating and storing manor.

Roman villas

The best restaurant in the world

The Fat Duck restaurant has been named as the best restaurant in the world in 2004. It is a unique restaurant and a great tourist attraction. Famous for its innovative and delicious dishes, The Fat Duck is owned by Heston Blumenthal. Its ambiance, service, and cleanliness make it a Michelin three stars restaurant. It is a must-go for anyone visiting Maidenhead with friends and family.

The biggest norovirus outbreak

You will be surprised that the biggest norovirus outbreak due to food poisoning also happened at the Fat Duck. To your surprise, this incident also took place in 2004, when around 400 diners fell ill after eating at the Fat Duck. The tests revealed that this was a result of a contaminated shellfish, which was exposed to human sewage. Noone could ever justify how such misconduct could happen in such a restaurant. Among the fallen sick people, Jim Rosenthal, the ITV football hosting legend, was also admitted to the hospital.

biggest norovirus outbreak

King Charles I found guilty of treason

IN 1647, when King Charles I was found guilty of high treason and was sentenced to death. When King Charles was kept a prisoner before the execution time, the leader of parliament, Thomas Fairfax, allowed him to meet his children for the last time. A plaque at the site of the former Greyhound Inn in Maidenhead reminds everyone of when King Charles I went there in 1647. The Inn was burnt down in 1735, and now NatWest Bank stands on the property.

Maidenhead’s rail bridge

Maidenhead has the biggest railway bridge in Europe, which was built by legendary Isambard Kingdom Brunel. The bridge has two widest and flattest arches made only from bricks. Each arch is 228 feet wide and 24 feet high. Although many architects have questioned the architecture of the bridge and found flaws in the design, it is still holding on just fine.

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