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Top 5 Places to Visit in Maidenhead

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Maidenhead is a historically important tourism site located right next to the Thames River. It has a very conservative culture and yet a very welcoming locality. It is a quality getaway destination for those who are looking for a relaxing and quiet holiday with a ton of places to visit. From the amazing boat trips in the Thames River to visiting its art museums, Maidenhead has a lot to offer as a quality tourism destination. Here is a list of places in Maidenhead that you can plan on visiting.

Cliveden House

Cliveden House is a historic mansion hotel that provides quality service and an elegant stay. The gardens of Clivedon House are known to keep tourists happy because of their trees and exquisite blooms. Do not forget to try the winding maze made of more than 1000 yew trees. Enjoy a great evening watching the plays of Peter Pan And Charlotte’s Web with your family.

Cliveden House

Maidenhead Heritage Centre

Explore the archives and exhibitions of the history of Maidenhead at the Maidenhead Heritage Centre. You will come across the unique traditions of the town, which even the present generation is carrying forward. You can also witness the Spitfire Simulator Experience with your family where young and old get dressed in a helmet and a flying jacket and climb into a cockpit to flight over the Windsor Castle.

The Cookham Village

Visit the beautiful small village next to the Thames River and experience the lovely cottage gardens, quaint houses, and beautiful people. Despite being a village, you can find anything you want to eat from around the world. You can find banks, cafes, supermarkets easily as you walk around the streets. It is a great place to stay longer where you can safely walk around the town like being a part of it.

The BCA Zoo

Explore and discover the unseen species of birds while you are at the BCA Zoo. The zoo is located in the Burchett’s Green area, filled with little furry animals that children will love to visit. The zoo consists of 5 big birds, 24 mammals, 31 reptiles, and 22 amphibians. You can find animals like alpacas, possums, and otters who can interest your kids. The kids can also pet the friendly goats in the customer made enclosures and spend a good evening.

The BCA Zoo

Ray Mill Island

Ray Mill Island is a perfect place to chill out alone or with your family. Relax in the mesmerizing scenery and have a good picnic time. There are picnic tables, benches, and lawns around the island that can comfort you and your family easily. The locals usually come here to play games and walk their dogs. There is also a guinea pig enclosure where kids can have a good time watching the animals play.

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