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The Best Bars in Maidenhead

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Spending an evening in Maidenhead with your favourite drink is known to be the ideal way to forget everything and be a part of the moment. But to achieve that level of comfort, you need to know the best bars in Maidenhead and figure out the ones that suit your requirements. While information regarding the best bars is something that we can provide, choosing the one that is best suited for your needs is something that you need to do. So read the following and go about exploring the best bars in Maidenhead.

1. Crown & Cushion

Crown and Cushion is a classic bar located on 84 High Street, Elton, Windsor, England. Featuring a menu of delights, the place opens its doors towards various aspects of fun and excitement. From meals to the best drinks, Crown and Cushion have everything that you would want to find in a bar. Apart from its features, their customer service has also been praised time and again since people are loving all that they have to offer.

Crown & Cushion

2. The Oarsman

Located on 46 Spittal Street, Marlow SL7 1DB England, The Oarsman is another place that combines the many elements of a classic bar. Like Crown & Cushion, they too have an expansive menu that features both meals and drinks. Moreover, since it all sums up to come up to an affordable limit, you need not be worried about having a little fun at The Oarsman. On the other hand, customer reviews also predict a good ambiance and service, taking The Oarsman right to the top.

3. The Three Horseshoes

The Three Horseshoes has been rising in terms of popularity and quality, as the bar has managed to take things in a new direction. As the food and service score a complete 10, you can be assured about the rest, and it is indeed worth it. Their vegetarian-friendly option has always been a favourite, and anyone who has visited the place has nothing but kind words to describe it. So explore the world of The Three Horseshoes and understand what they’re like.

The Three Horseshoes

4. The Long Barn

From classic cuisines to drinks that you love, The Long Barn is a place that is going to change things for the better. It is located in Cippenham Lane, Slough SL1 5AH England, and stands close to other prime locations. So before heading over for a drink, you can go for a tour and do some form of exploration. As the pub’s timings are quite flexible, you need not be worried about anything. So call your friends and go ahead to visit The Long Barn.

Hence, that was our list for the best bars in the land of Maidenhead.

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