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Top MW4M Sites for Couples Seeking Men in 2022

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  1. There are many users on the dating site.
  2. Using their free accounts, users may search for and create free profiles for other members.
  3. Several relationship choices
  4. Loaded with an array of features for member communication and interaction.
  5. Capable and efficient customer support.
  6. AshleyMadison offers expert tips for enhancing your MW4M experience.


  1. The style of the website is very basic for a dirty dating site.
  2. The site is inappropriate for those hoping for a committed relationship.


  1. In terms of morality, Ashley Madison is the bad apple of the online dating sector. However, your greatest choice is that website. Many married individuals in the neighborhood are seeking for a partner with whom to conduct an affair or engage in sexual activity.
  2. The tagline of the website is seductive: “Life is short. Have an affair”.

You may choose whether to say in your profile that you are married or single. Additionally, you have the option of maintaining your anonymity. 

The strong security system at AshleyMadison is one of the primary factors in its success. It offers its members heightened protection, which keeps all of their business private.

Not only married individuals searching for an affair may use the website. For a couple seeking a third party, it’s a fantastic website. On the site, you may meet singles who would make a good bedmate, and couples looking for guys can also find swingers. 

AshleyMadison is the best place on hookupdate.net, and we recommend signing up for it, since it has exceptional facilities for communication and searches.

Selling Point:

Best for finding extramarital or hookup affairs

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  1. Large member base. 
  2. Ideal for those seeking a kinky sex companion.
  3. Robust security measures. 
  4. Exclusive communication features. 
  5. Live streaming sexual videos. 
  6. Mobile friendliness.


  1. Unappealing appearance. 
  2. Some individuals may find it too quick or kinky. 
  3. The mobile experience is awkward.


When you want to be naughty or a couple wants to go on an exciting date, AdultFriendFinder is the online dating service to use. 

Since the network’s debut in 1996, it has amassed more than 103 million users, and it continues to expand rapidly. The website is the biggest online swinger and sex platform.

The dating service is open to both singles and couples looking for hookups. A worldwide dating service called AdultFriendFinder accepts users of all ages, sexual orientations, races, and ethnicities. 

The site’s matching algorithm is excellent. The dating service will only match you with eligible profiles if you register on the website as a couple looking for a threesome partner.

For socializing and making friends with like-minded individuals, the dating site also offers discussion boards, blogs, and community organizations. Everyone who is a member of the site is welcome to browse, and reading any of the blogs is completely free. 

The choices would be endless if you purchased an AdultFriendFinder membership. However, let us assure you that readers are always taken care of by hookupdate.net, and that the premium membership is well worthwhile.

Selling Point:

Most effective for locating hookups and overnight stays.

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  1. Members may build profiles as a pair or alone on the website, which was expressly created to appeal to bisexual individuals.
  2. It’s free to browse local first dates.
  3. A vibrant bisexual scene.
  4. There is a mobile app for a convenient dating experience.
  5. There might be singles available for couples.


  1. An antiquated UI. 
  2. The absence of a personality-matching mechanism.
  3. There aren’t many features available to free users.


People who identify as bisexual or bi-curious are sometimes afraid to reveal their correct sexual inclinations since they are mostly shunned by the small-minded culture. These individuals may easily discover compatible partners via online dating services like BiCupid. 

The website is open to users of all sexual orientations and was created exclusively for the LGBTQ+ community. You may locate people seeking for partnerships that are straight, lesbian, transgender, homosexual, or bisexual. The variety of choices, including those for bisexual couples, bisexual women, bisexual men, single men, single women, and transgender users, will astound you.

There are several alternatives, and if you’re a couple looking for a man, BiCupid offers some intriguing possible matches for you.

Selling Point:

Excellent at finding casual dating options.

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  1. Easy registration. 
  2. Couples looking for guys.
  3. Robust matching algorithm. 
  4. Detailed profiles. 
  5. Multiple communication channels. 
  6. Video calls available for members. 
  7. Huge search filters to discover the ideal match.


  1. Most services come with additional fees. 
  2. There is a large membership price. 
  3. Only iOS users can use the app. 
  4. Only premium members may utilize the communication channels.


Every new member may find something on the very popular dating site FriendFinder-X. 

It is an international dating site where older individuals, middle-aged singles, and young adults post advertising. There are many diverse ages, lifestyles, races, nationalities, and backgrounds represented within the membership. 

All hook-up sites, however, have one thing in common: everyone is searching for flings.

The finest alternative for finding threesome pleasure is FriendFinder-X, which offers a wide range of relationship options. The website is a polyamorous or married couple’s dream come true when seeking for a third companion.

On the website, creating a profile is free, but access to all the incredible features is only available to premium members.

Selling Point:

The best at finding sexual partners.

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  1. Nearly all mobile devices can visit a site that has been optimized for mobile.
  2. Excellent advice on how to enhance your flirting skills.
  3. A fair cost for a premium membership.
  4. Couple looking for males.
  5. an interface that is simple to use.
  6. A no cost registration.


  1. There isn’t a mobile app specifically for it. 
  2. Free users can’t send messages. 
  3. Changing account settings may be difficult.


Flirt seems to be your typical dating site with extensive search capabilities to discover the perfect match. The platform does, however, enable the most popular hookup situations in the US and Europe.

The fact that female users may send messages for free but male members must purchase premium memberships to access communication services is the finest part. 

Although couples are not permitted to register, you may still locate individuals seeking m4mw relationships. Many single guys are willing to go on an exciting journey, even if it means sharing a companion. It’s a dating service for those who are up for some playful fun.

Local couples may openly disclose in their profile the specifics of their interest in polyamory, which can lead to some intriguing possible matches.

Selling Point:

Best for locating flirty people.

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  1. All users’ profiles are free to view. 
  2. Communicate, and search.
  3. Simple registration. 
  4. Easy navigation.
  5. A fair premium membership cost. 
  6. Useful search filters.


  1. There are some fraudulent members.
  2. The member base is less than that of the competition.


OkCupid began as a dating website for Americans, but it quickly expanded to serve individuals all around the globe. The site is open to everyone and offers twenty-two gender variations in addition to a comprehensive twelve options for sexual orientation. Members may choose whether they are polygamous, monogamous, or neither.

Although there isn’t a specific option on the website for couples looking for guys, you may declare your sexual preference in the profile. The dating service is said to have a large user base, and you could meet individuals for couples there.

Selling Point:

Best for finding all forms of relationships.

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  1. The swiping approach is entertaining. 
  2. It’s simple to navigate. 
  3. Registration is cheap. 
  4. There are a lot of members.


  1. Scammers.
  2. It might take a while to discover compatible matches. 
  3. Some members can be judgmental. 
  4. Location-based games.


In the realm of online dating, swiping culture has imprisoned Tinder. Finding casual dates was made simple by the dating website and app.

The tinder app has seen millions of downloads over the years and has connected with more than 55 billion people globally. For both singles and couples looking to have some fun, it’s a great website. 

The website connects individuals who enjoy polyamory but does not overtly assist couples looking for guys. About 2% of the users are said to be married and seeking a third companion.

Selling Point:

The best place to find hookups.

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  1. A user-friendly interface. 
  2. Registering on the site requires little information from users.
  3. Both long-term and short-term partnerships may be found on the website in eleven different languages.
  4. Many means of communicating.


  1. Free members cannot access all features.
  2. There is no smartphone version offered.
  3. Plenty of content that is classified X.


For homosexual couples and individuals looking for a mate, this website is the greatest. It provides a secure and accessible platform where LGBT users may meet possible partners, whether they are single or in a relationship.

Your possibilities are almost endless as a couple trying to locate a threesome partner. Browse profiles, read blogs, and use search criteria to identify possible partners for fun for free on the website for members.

If what you see appeals to you, you may upgrade your membership to have full access to sensual features including steamy films and much more.

Selling Point:

The best place to find gay dating.

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  1. Grindr is a global dating service. 
  2. Several communication capabilities. 
  3. Numerous ways to start a conversation. 
  4. An intuitive user layout.


  1. Messages from non-premium users are not accessible.
  2. Dating service targeted towards men.
  3. Only premium-subscribed members have access to live chat.


For homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals, and other queer folks, Grindr is a fantastic dating app. Additionally, the website offers gatherings for open relationships as well as guys seeking males.

Officially, the website does not endorse a pair dating, but there are also no rigid rules in place. To locate what you’re searching for, you may either use one account or two distinct ones.

You should state that you’re seeking a threesome on your dating profile. 

Finding partners doesn’t always need using a specialized couple dating app. Sometimes it’s enjoyable to browse these standalone applications. When you’re a male, you may find plenty of bisexual couples that are eager to partake in your sexual enjoyment.

Selling Point:

Best for locating partners who can accommodate all sexual interests.

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  1. The greatest for open-minded individuals.
  2. Free signup. 
  3. Intriguing elements to keep users entertained. 
  4. Affordable costs. 
  5. Worldwide dating site.


  1. Only accessible as a mobile app. 
  2. Not a large ember base. 
  3. Some scams.


The amazing dating app 3rder is ideal for those who are open-minded and seeking free entertainment. It is most appropriate for those enthusiastic in the swinger culture and other topics as a threesomes-specific app. 

With the help of the site’s sophisticated search criteria, individuals and couples may both locate their ideal mates. Partners for MMF are available. 

On this dating app, it’s simple to locate companions who are M4MW and MFM.

The 3rder dating app has some interesting matches if you are in a polyamorous relationship. It’s simple to locate individuals searching for couples to have sex with on this website, thus Hookupdate.net has added it to its list of couples looking for males.

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Why It’s a Good Idea to Sign Up for the Top Couples-seeking Men’s Websites

In 2022, online dating services will be popular since the days of looking for dates in bars and clubs are long gone. As opposed to one of the pioneers, Match, an online dating service, has a platform that helps people locate services for long-term partnerships.

People’s sexual tastes change throughout time as they test out novel sexual experiences and daring concepts. However, the heterosexual and often closed-minded culture portrays persons with various sexual preferences incorrectly. 

As a result, finding dates in public is challenging for these folks. As a result, web designers for online dating services begin creating websites with certain sexual inclinations in mind.

A preference like this is a pair looking for guys. 

So what are these online dating services’ benefits for those searching for fun? Let’s investigate!

  1. Online dating services provide a secure environment for meeting potential dates, whether for sexual encounters or long-term relationships.
  2. For others with similar sexual preferences, there are websites available online.
  3. Joining dating services where a couple is looking for a guy gives you access to a particular dating pool where you can locate matches without having to disclose your sexual orientation to others who don’t share it.
  4. Another important reason why many advocates for open relationships choose these couple dating websites is anonymity.
  5. All of the site’s users are consenting adults who respect your sexual tastes and don’t mind participating in your sexual experience.
  6. Many online dating services provide professionally written blogs with advice for discovering singles for couples.
  7. To interact with individuals who share your tastes, you may also participate in the forums and take part in debates.
  8. Numerous online dating services provide occasions where couples may mingle with singles as well as other groups and meet possible partners in person.

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How Can Couples Looking for Men Choose the Best Website?

Numerous online dating platforms provide couples the opportunity to locate a single companion for a threesome engagement. But how might one locate such locations? 

For readers to make informed decisions about what they are searching for, Hookupdate.net has created a thorough guide:

Couples profiles: 

Sites like AdultFriendFinder that allow for couples to create profiles or sign up for accounts should always be given priority. We do, however, embrace the concept of signing up for websites that don’t provide possibilities for couples since there may still be possibility with your sexual inclination.

Customer base:

Your chances of meeting a possible match increase as the number of people on the site increases. We advise searching for websites like Tinder that have a sizable user base. Since at least 2% of people in this huge group will agree that a couple is looking for guys, it is simple to narrow down potential matches from among them.

Zero Spam:

Hookupdate.net exclusively recommends dating sites with a low scam alert count. We understand how valuable our customers’ emotions and time are. Because of this, we meticulously evaluate each site to discover the finest.

Reasonable Membership:

We recommend websites with reasonably priced premium membership plans. For both our users and ourselves, expensive premium subscriptions without any special benefits are a no-go.

We found no major issues with any of the aforementioned sites for couples looking for guys. So all you need to do to start looking is choose the finest site that appeals to you and register.

How To Use Dating Sites To Find Couples and Contact Them

Are you looking for a third partner but unsure of how to discover the right one? In order to locate your best third, Hookupdate.net will provide you with advice.

Finding someone who fits your tastes takes less time than it does with regular applications. There are, however, techniques to increase your odds. Let’s learn more about them:

Be sincere:

Couples may choose from a variety of options on dating websites like AdultFriendFinder based on their sexual preferences. You may switch the gender setting on Tinder to teams. However, you specify your choice in your profiles on OkCupid. 

Being open about your sexual inclination is thus the first guideline of finding the ideal mate. A couple searching for a man on OkCupid may also connect their two accounts together.

The other members are already aware of your choices thanks to your shared profile, which makes it apparent what you’re searching for. 

So kindly do not surprise them by offering them false hope. Any relationship, whether it be casual or serious, never has a nice beginning.

Making a Bio:

Writing a profile for a service that connects three people is comparable to writing one for a single dating site. It has to be succinct, honest, and interesting. When using tags or words to describe you or your spouse, use caution.

To get an idea, check at the top profiles on the website. Some profiles that thoroughly explain one companion before moving on to the second impressed us. Finally, describe the qualities you want in a spouse.

An explanation of your third:

Due to the fact that the matching algorithm will choose your matches based on your tastes, it is the most important section of any threesome dating site. Try out what you want and specify whether you want a hookup for a one-night stand, romance, sexual relations, or something more. If you are open and sincere about your goals, you will find the perfect match.

Observe decency:

Your third is a human being just like you. Give him the respect he deserves if he is assisting you with your ambitions. 

When singles agree to play three-legged with couples, many people dehumanize them since the couples’ teams are assumed to be better off. That’s not how it ought to operate!

By using polite language, attending to his wants, and being honest with him, you must show respect for your third. Please don’t presume they understand what you want. From the very beginning, you must be transparent about your ambitions.

Clear communication:

If you’re seeking romance, be sure to always speak clearly with your third, use video calls whenever feasible, or schedule a date for you to get to know each other. Be open to dialogue at all times, even if it’s only for one night.

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