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Top 10 Best Women Seeking Women Dating Sites

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The Internet has completely changed how people interact with each other, including lesbian dating. Lesbians no longer have to live in fear of coming out to the rest of the world about their sexual orientation just because doing so would be considered “unconventional.”

On the other hand, people are starting to get used to the idea that women may date other women as a result of the proliferation of dating websites. Now, women who are seeking a hookup with another woman may do so without fear of being criticized by other users.

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The following is a list of the top five dating websites for meeting women, in no particular order:



  • User-friendly interface
  • Registration that is both simple and speedy
  • Offers a Mobile Application


  • No Gender diversity
  • There are not many users.

Bumble was established in 2014 by Whitney Wolfe, who had previously worked at Tinder. The one major distinction between the two programs is that women are in charge of Bumble. The two apps have many similarities. 

After the matches have been formed, the women have the option of sending the initial message to the men, and the men will react if they feel interested. Because Bumble is indeed an open platform, it is possible to meet bisexual women on this app.

Women are encouraged to take the lead while using Bumble since the firm is committed to developing a “safe online community” for users who are interested in making new connections.

Bumble Mag

Bumble has recently introduced Bumble Mag, a new attempt in the realm of offline publishing. This magazine is only available in print and may be obtained free of charge by anybody in the U.S. by requesting a copy using the accompanying app. 

This publication is broken up into various parts that focus on topics such as dating, friendship, and business.

Do you find that Bumble is a successful dating app for you? To aid you in deciding whether or not you will like using the app, we have included a summary of both the positive and negative aspects associated with it.

Bumble Features:

  • The function of swiping.
  • Backtrack is the feature that allows you to return to your previous selections on the app for women looking for women.
  • Virtual Dating Badge – to let other users know that you are available for a phone chat or video call
  • Women Incognito mode
  • BumbleBff is a dating app for those only interested in platonic friendships.
  • BumbleBizz is a platform designed for those wishing to make professional relationships.


Bumble subscription:

  • A one-week membership to Bumble costs $10.99 USD.
  • A single month costs $24.99 USD.
  • Lifetime Subscription is available for just $149.99

Bumble credits:

  • Simply put, one dollar and ninety-nine cents
  • A total of $8.99 for five coins
  • 14.99 for 10 coins
  • Twenty coins for $24.99
  • $37.99 for 30 coins

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  • Free forms of communication resources for ladies
  • Members of the women seeking women dating application who have used it for three months without finding a compatible match are eligible for a free trial of the service.
  • Additional search options
  • Many of the features do not cost anything extra.


  • The mobile application may only be downloaded from the Google Play store.
  • The profiles of the vast majority of standard members include very few pieces of information.
  • Unless the person upgrades to a premium account, the pictures in their albums will always seem blurry.

For singles who are interested in finding a date, BeNaughty offers a community that is both welcoming and sexually stimulating. 

Even though the major goal of the website is to facilitate local hookups, members are also given the opportunity to broaden their search for romantic partners outside the confines of their own communities.

BeNaughty is an online dating site that is available in the United States, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Australia, France, Denmark, Italy, Norway, Sweden, and Spain. 

Additionally, the platform is continuously growing to accommodate new participants from other nations. This enticingly alluring website for W4M personals may assist you in meeting wicked dates regardless of where you now call home.


  • Winks 
  • Instant Messaging
  • Favorite list
  • Exhaustive research
  • Only people who have been verified may send you messages while you are in Full Safe Mode. This prevents fake accounts from gaining access to your account.
  • On the lesbian dating app, this feature prevents users from sending messages to one another if they have been marked for engaging in fraudulent activity.


Membership for males only

  • A single day costs $0.99, 
  • The daily rate is $0.99, 
  • The weekly rate is $1.00, 
  • The monthly rate is $28.80.

Premium Dater extra Benefits for Women are 

  • One month’s rent comes to $26.49
  • Extra Protection and Benefits Exclusively for Women
  • Monthly cost is $12.60

Benefits of Being a Chatterbox That Are Exclusive to Women

  • One month will cost you $17.92

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  • Registration is not only simple but also free.
  • SSL encryption
  • Messaging is provided at no cost to any user.


  • Android users are the only ones who may download the mobile app for the lesbian dating website.
  • Frustrating advertisements
  • A more limited population of members

PinkCupid is a dating and matching service that caters only to lesbian and bisexual women. The company claims to have more than one million members worldwide.

Because it has such a diverse membership base, we feel comfortable recommending it to black lesbians who are looking for a partner. On our platform, there are thousands of women who are actively looking for love, friendship, and romantic relationships.

PinkCupid Features:

  • Innovative method for pairing people together
  • Send interest
  • Instrument de recherche exclusif
  • CupidTags makes it easier to locate potential partners in less time.


Membership in the gold tier:

  • A single month costs $24.98.
  • Three months costs $49,98.
  • A year costs $99.96 dollars.

Membership at the Platinum level:

  • A single month costs $29.98
  • $60 for a period of 3 months
  • The cost is $120.00 for a year.

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  • Profiles that are exhaustively detailed
  • The members are open in expressing their desires.


  • The desktop edition has a design that has seen better days.
  • Existence of a few fictitious profiles
  • Unequal gender distribution

BiCupid takes great satisfaction in being the bisexual dating service that is most successful at meeting biwomen. We are not challenging the assertion that its online dating network has more than 1.6 million users all around the globe.

There are many different motivations for bisexual women to sign up for BiCupid. Some people are seeking a casual relationship, while others want to make new friends.

BiCupid Features:

  • Feature with anonymity
  • Tool for more advanced search
  • Winks
  • Messages sent directly
  • Spark is a feature that functions similarly to the Swipe tool, allowing users to either like or pass on a photo.


  • A single month costs $33.99.
  • Three months at the price of $69.99
  • Six months at the price of $109.99

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  • Lesbians and bisexual women are both interested in hookups.
  • The website does not prohibit sexually explicit material.


  • There are a significant number of lesbians in this area.
  • There are certain individuals that feel uneasy when exposed to pornographic content.

LesbianPersonals is a website that does exactly what its name suggests: it connects single women who are searching for other single women to date. This website was made so that adult women could use it to plan orgies and other sexual encounters. 

Women who say they are lesbians or bisexuals can join as singles, straight couples, lesbian couples, or in groups.

This bold and honest approach is perfect for ladies who want to experience fun on their own terms and aren’t afraid to try new things. 

In addition, the website offers a number of flirty features, such as an instant messenger discussion, a camera that works in both directions, and the ability to trade photos and videos.

LesbianPersonals Features:

  • Webcams
  • Messages sent directly
  • Tool for a more extensive search
  • Contests
  • Flirting with each other
  • Discussion forums and weblogs
  • Hotlists are just a list of users in whom you have an interest.
  • Icebreaker


  • A single month costs $27.95 USD.
  • Three months’ rent comes to $59.85
  • 1 year costs $179.40 dollars.

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  • Every profile includes a picture.
  • Messaging that is both unlimited and free
  • A fantastic platform for lesbians to connect with one another


  • The mobile application has intermittent latency.

This dating application was first introduced in 2013 under the name Dattch, which is an acronym that stands for “date catch.” In 2015, the name was changed to HER.

HER claims that it is the most common lesbian dating app, and it distinguishes itself from other apps on the market by the fact that it was developed by and exclusively for queer women.

In addition to providing a place for people to find dates, it also serves as a social networking site where users may post updates about themselves.

HER is not just a hookup app; rather, it takes a more inclusive approach and has the long-term objective of linking queer women to their community. You may also discover married ladies on this site who are seeking other women to date.

  • The function of swiping.
  • Read receipts
  • Several exciting happenings in total


  • A single month costs $14.99.
  • Six months for the price of $59.99
  • A year costs $89.99 USD.

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  • There are women searching for women for sex, but there are other women looking for long-term, committed relationships. In order to ensure that you are able to locate whatever it is you are searching for on the site.
  • A vast number of members; there are over 40 million people all across the globe
  • A multitude of communication tools and options
  • Profile verification


  • Unsatisfactory help for customers
  • Existence of fictitious profiles

Zoosk is an international dating website that is open to individuals of all sexual orientations and gender identities. On this fast expanding network, which now receives an average of over three million messages every day, there are over forty million singles who have established accounts.

Joining Zoosk does not cost anything at all. When you earn Zoosk Coins, you can use them to do things like make your profile show up higher in search results, get a confirmation that your messages were sent, and see your Carousel matches. 

In addition, you will get 17 Zoosk Coins just for liking the Zoosk Facebook page, and you will receive 30 Zoosk Coins just for installing the Zoosk app.

Zoosk features:

  • Incognito mode
  • Chat software
  • The carousel, also known as the swipe function
  • Dating Insights is a feature that is available on the lesbian dating site that collects data on the behaviors of its users and provides those users with information about other members that they have shown interest in.


Paid on a Monthly Basis

  • A single month costs $29.99.
  • The price for three months is $59.99.
  • Six months of service costs $74.99


  • 180 coins=$190.99
  • 480 coins=$39.99

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  • Personality tests improve compatibility
  • Administrators ban suspicious accounts promptly.
  • Participants
  • Checkmark


  • No monthly membership
  • Few profile images exist.
  • Customer service unresponsive

EliteSingles is not a standard white-label dating service. Its search and matching features attract young professionals looking for love.

The site’s personality test separates it from its online dating competitors. Elite Singles leverages in-depth user analysis to make over 2,500 monthly pairings.

Bi females are welcome in our community, which accepts persons of all orientations.

EliteSingles features:

  • Test personality
  • Contributing
  • Search tools
  • “Meet?” Recommend
  • Wildcard Matches add 20 matches every day.
  • Preferences
  • elitesingles.com


  • Three months (Light): $104.85.
  • Classic: $119.70 for six months
  • Comfort — $215.40

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  • Membership base
  • Android/iOS app


  • Access to the majority of features is restricted to paying members only.
  • No profile verification process

The Match Group made OurTime so that senior singles could find dates in a safe and reliable way. 

Even those who are uncomfortable with technology should have no trouble understanding how to sign up for the site and how the matching process works so that they may use it to connect with new people. 

On our high-tech, easy-to-use dating site, you don’t need to have done online dating before to be successful.

OurTime has an area that is exclusively for women, where ladies looking for other ladies to have sex with don’t have to worry about getting rejected. 

Therefore, regardless of whether you are just over fifty or well into your eighties, OurTime can assist you in getting back into the dating scene and connecting with an individual who shares your values.

OurTime Features:

  • Search Instrument
  • Discussion Forum
  • Video Chat as a function
  • Virtual presents
  • ConnectMe – Voice call through a virtual mobile number
  • PromoteMe is a function that allows a user to increase the visibility of their profile to other users of the site. To put it another way, the profiles of members will appear at the very top of the search results. Premium members are the only ones who can access it.
  • Professional authors are able to design a high-quality profile just for you using the ProfilePro function.


Standard memberships include:

  • One month costs 34.96 dollars.
  • Six months will cost you $95.76

Paid memberships with significant benefits:

  • You may pay $119.76 for a whole year.


  • The price of 55 Credits is $2.99
  • The price of 110 Credits is $5.99.
  • The price of 280 credits is $9.99.

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  • Large number of users


  • No profile verification
  • The vast majority of profiles did not have any pictures.

The area of Craigslist known as “Personals,” which was devoted to single people searching for dates, has been removed. Despite this, it is not always the case that individuals don’t really continue to use the service for the aforementioned reason. 

You will have the option to meet ladies seeking for a lady to date if you peruse the Personals area of the website. It’s a way of getting in touch with people and lighting a fire under them. 

It is also easy to interact with other people in your region who have similar interests thanks to the busy discussion boards that are organized on Craigslist according to subject (for example, vegans,  politics, divorce, pets, and gaming).


Free of charge is the only option for posting in the Personals section of Craigslist.

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Best Ways to Find Women for Fun

Have you ever pondered the locations of popular lesbian hangouts? How can women who are interested in having fun with other women find one other? Even though w4w is an untraditional method, it is possible for lesbian singles to meet one another in almost any setting. 

Continue reading if you want to learn more.

1. Place of business and surrounding community

There are a lot of lesbians out there, despite the fact that finding them could be a little bit challenging at times, particularly lesbians who live in smaller areas. If you’ve got a lesbian buddy, you may want to think about recruiting her as a trustworthy mentor. 

Is there a lesbian working there that you haven’t had the chance to talk to yet? Do not be terrified! Tell her that you are a part of the group and ask if there is any chance you might go for a walk with the next time she is free.

2. In public areas

You may go to a lesbian bar. The most typical location to locate ladies looking for women is the bar. Search online to see if there’s a lesbian night around if there isn’t one in your town. Disregard them and go anyhow if you can’t locate a companion. 

Who, after all, can resist a seductive woman lingering by herself at a bar? Independence has drawn a blank.

3. Online

When it comes to meeting other lesbians, the advent of online dating apps has been a game-changer. You have the chance to learn a lot about that beautiful woman’s personality before you even meet her! 

In addition to this, you are aware of her sexual orientation as a gay (or at least looking for girl-on-girl action). You will not get that kind of confirmation in the actual world, which means that you are free to concentrate on the more enjoyable aspect, which is getting to know her.

How to Choose the Right w4w Sites

The sea of romantic possibilities that may be found online can be quite difficult to navigate. Because there are so many sites available online, one has to exercise caution before registering with any of them. 

Before deciding on a w4w dating site to use, have a look at the following list of things to think about.

1. Reputation

When looking for a site that caters to women seeking other women, one of the first things that should be considered is the name of the site. The most important thing to do is to do some research and only visit well-known websites. 

Determine the number of users who have subscribed.

2. Feedback from the buying public

Customer reviews and ratings are another consideration when picking a lesbian dating service. Learn what other users have to say by looking at their ratings and reviews. You should consider the site for what it’s worth if positive comments outnumber negative ones. 

If not, you should keep looking.

3. Paid or free websites

This aspect is determined by personal preference. Because of the financial investment required, members of paid sites seem more serious about meeting in person. 

However, membership to these sites does not come cheap, so anybody who spends their hard-earned money doing so is likely serious about their search for love.

You’ll have more options to choose from since more people will sign up for free sites. A substantial proportion of scammers use such platforms, though.

  • The site’s privacy statement
  • Verify that when you cancel your account, your information is also deleted from the site.
  • Find out whether your information is sold to other parties.

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How to Be Successful With w4w Sites

1. Building a Reliable Identity

If you want to meet bi or lesbian ladies, this is a terrific way to get started. To begin, build your profile in the manner of a film director who has fallen in love with themselves. Then, if you want to meet bi ladies, be sure to detail all of the funny, sad, and touching times in your life.

People are attracted to those who are transparent and honest. It’s preferable when ladies don’t try too hard to fit into one box. If you aren’t sure of who you are, don’t try to fit into an archetype just yet.

2. Using Caution

Joining a women-only dating service with the assumption that everyone on it is a waste of time is a bad idea. To avoid interaction with others, you will make up any excuse. It’s important to remember that a person’s dating profile isn’t set in stone and doesn’t tell the whole picture.

You should bring up any negative qualities you may have discovered about another person. If, however, this turns out to be a deal-breaker for you, then by all means, abandon the whole thing. Do yourself and others a favor and skip the pointless debate or argument.

3. Develop Your Listening Skills

Try to elicit as many answers as possible by peppering them with questions. Keep in mind that people appreciate hearing about themselves when you speak. When both parties in a conversation contribute equally to the flow of data, true collaboration may take place.

One of the most telling warning signs is when you sense that a person is harsh or emotionally distant. Before picking up the phone, let the discussion evolve over the course of a few days. Communication through text message may reveal a lot about a person.

4. Try to have fun and flirt with people.

Lesbian dating apps shouldn’t be stiff and stuffy. People are perceptive; if they pick up on your doubts and worries, they may attribute such traits to an unhealthy level of self-awareness on your part. Instead, make an effort to flirt, tell jokes, and talk about the things that interest you. 

Try to educate yourself in the art of online flirtation if it is not already one of your specialties.

5. Use the Pal System to your advantage

There’s no way to overstate the importance of ensuring that your date feels safe, particularly on a first offline date.

Time, place, and when you think you’ll be back should be shared with each other’s emergency contacts. Keep this list of people on your emergency contact list up-to-date as often as you can. It’s best to have the first date somewhere busy and well-lit. 

To see things from both of your dates’ perspectives, you may go on a double date.

6. In a sense, the world is rather little.

There is a high likelihood that one’s reputation, for better or worse, will spread quickly within the LGBTQ community due to its small size. Don’t worry too much about making a good impression on any bi or lesbian women you could meet. 

Traditional, cisnormative culture has no place in this context. Who is expected to foot the bill for supper might be an exception to the norm. Although many lesbians accept that whoever initiated the lunch date should foot the bill, this is not always the case. 

It’s OK to divide the check in two or more ways.

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7. You Should Not Take It Personally.

Unless they say anything that really hurts you, you should let rejection seem personal. In a society that is still working toward full acceptance of the idea of lesbian dating, the call-out culture may be especially hurtful.

8. Absolutely Free of Cost

First dates with lesbians may be confusing for both people involved. It’s important to be ready to move on from a past relationship. At first, you need to cut off all ties with your ex so that you don’t have to deal with any leftover tension or heartbreak. 

This will signal to other women that you have emotional baggage and that you aren’t really committed to them.

9. Diversity in Lesbian Senses of Self

The terms “femme” and “butch” aren’t the only ways to categorize lesbians; there are many others. It is helpful to have a basic understanding of these categories. While some lesbians are flexible, others have a very specific aesthetic in mind.

You should not take it personally if a stranger on a W4W site tells you they don’t like you because they don’t want to talk to you. As gender norms change and “queer” becomes the most common word to describe people, these identities are losing ground.

10. Keep Fighting!

When doing W4W online dating, it’s important to have a goal in mind so that you don’t get frustrated with the process and give up. 

Keep in mind that these W4W personal sites provide a variety of choices, so it really comes down to a game of chance and counting your lucky stars. Customers may have to look through a lot of profiles that don’t apply to them before they find a good match.

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