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Top 10 Craigslist Personals Alternatives

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Craigslist Personals was a successful method to meet people for casual connections. Some of those who used the site connected with others in serious relationships. 

In 2018, Craigslist closed down its “Personals” section in response to the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA). Because of this, many new websites have been created to replace Craigslist’s services. Keep reading to find out about these alternatives.

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What Happened to Craigslist Casual Encounters?

Through its Personals section, Craigslist quickly became the web’s most popular place to meet sexual partners. The Personals area welcomes ads seeking romantic partners, platonic friends, and casual hookups.

Due to the app’s open and free character and the difficulties of meeting one another in a conservative atmosphere, the service is especially valuable to gay men and lesbians seeking connections. Further, you may post “women seeking males” advertisements on Craigslist.

Classified advertising for males only in San Francisco was said to be the second most often acknowledged source of syphilis in 2005.

After the adoption of the Stop Online Facilitation of Sextortion Act in 2018, Craigslist removed its “Personals” section (SESTA). Where exactly did the Craigslist Personals section relocate to?

Best Craigslist Personals Alternative

Did you ever ponder the fate of Craigslist Personals when Craigslist itself was shut down? The following is a list of the ten best websites similar to Craigslist’s Personals section.



  • Your use of it won’t cost you a dime.
  • Excellent for all people, of any sexual orientation.
  • Commercial profile layout.


  • Possibly missing are the smaller towns.
  • Membership is open and welcomes all comers without any kind of vetting process.

DoubleList Overview

DoubleList is an excellent Craigslist alternative. It may even be a superior hookup site than Craigslist. This website is exclusively for personal postings, so it does not require any other postings. 

In addition to Craigslist, individuals can look for men seeking women, men seeking men, and women seeking women on DoubleList. It’s quite open to all individuals. Members must register to post on DoubleList, unlike Craigslist, where new users can sign up and post Personals right away. DoubleList is a free service, making it a great alternative to Craigslist Personals.

DoubleList Features:

DoubleList’s listing categories make finding what you want simple on the app. You may come across anything you want (from a casual acquaintance to a real friendship) depending on the category you choose.


  • Using DoubleList won’t cost you a dime.

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  • Plenty of options for cities
  • Superb extras with the Pro version
  • A widely used online dating resource.


  • Lots of spam accounts that don’t exist
  • It costs money to run advertisements

BedPage Overview

The best casual hookup sites are free and feature plenty of personal ads, just like Craigslist. Bedpage is one of the top casual honest hookup sites.

Whether you’re gay or straight, you can easily find a date in your area on this site. While sites like Craigslist are becoming better at screening new users for spam, you must still be careful.

BedPage Features

With Bedpage Pro, users can send and receive photos, video chat, and other functions on the classified website for a fee.


This software allows users to sign up for free, but users must buy in order to publish advertisements. Bitcoins may now be used to make credit purchases.

  • Premium ad placement for more than one city will cost the user $7.50 per city.
  • It will cost you an additional dollar to have your ad shown at the top of the local directory.
  • A two dollar minimum is required to place an ad.
  • The cost of a premium ad is $15.

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  • Perfect for meeting people in nontraditional ways
  • Much like online social networks
  • Created exclusively for use in classified personal ads


  • Users seem to be mostly male.
  • Terrible assistance for customers.

AdsEncounters Overview

When looking for a site like Craigslist Personals, many people turn to AdsEncounters instead. 

You may also use it successfully as an M4M Personals platform. AdsEncounters is a website devoted only to personal advertisements, in contrast to other classified ad websites which feature anything from apartments to pets.

A large number of people use this website’s Personals area. Advertisements on AdsEncounters include the following.

  • Females seeking females
  • Women seeking men casual encounter
  • Males seeking males
  • Men seeking couples
  • Males seeking females
  • Women in search of groups

This great personal website is an excellent choice for meeting people who want to date and form relationships in an unconventional way.

In addition to casual dating, serious relationships are also possible. Furthermore, people utilize this website for social networking and meeting new people. Anyone can use AdsEncounters for free.

AdsEncounterss Features

Searching for local events with AdsEncounterss is one of the coolest features. Users can create events for singles to meet and socialize. Additionally, fetish events such as parties and more are available.


The use of AdsEncounters is completely free. In addition, members have the option to place adverts at no cost.

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  • There’s an app for it
  • Access is absolutely free!
  • It’s simple to use


  • Users have noticed that their ads have been moved to a different category.
  • Sadly, scam artists and fake ads are commonplace.

Locanto Overview

With Locanto, members can locate used vehicles and vehicles, as well as housing, events, and more. Locanto is similar to those found on Craigslist. Members can post ads seeking long-term, short-term, and alternative connections. 

You can find virtually anything on Locanto, including virtual adventures and casual dating, thanks to its diversified categories. It’s free, so members can post ads as often as they want.

Locanto Features

Using this site, members may find people with similar sexual interests.


  • 1 month — 1.95 GBP

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  • Mainly focuses on serving the LGBTQ+ crowd.
  • Many foreign listings are available.
  • Members who identify as homosexual are able to post and receive gay personal ads.


  • There isn’t a mobile app
  • There is hardly much aesthetic value to the user interface.

OutPersonals Overview

When seeking for casual dating opportunities, Personals sites like OutPersonals are the best alternative to Craigslist. This site is a fantastic alternative to Craigslist for gay individuals. This site is a combination of a traditional online dating site and a Personals site. 

Users can both post ads and use dating-specific features on this site. The live chat function is available on this website, allowing users to chat and flirt in real time. This app has a diverse user base, allowing users to connect with people from all walks of life. 

You may browse listings from a wide range of locations after Craigslist. It is free to post classified ads after Craigslist, but you must create an account beforehand.

OutPersonal Features

The quick connection group chats provided by OutPersonals can be joined to communicate with other online users.


Gold membership:

  • 1 month — $29.96
  • 3 months — $16.65
  • 12 months — $119.96


It is good for men who are interested in exploring other men’s sexuality to contact the hottest partner.

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  • There is a large variety of advertisements to choose from.
  • It’s a robust online classifieds platform in the vein of Craigslist.
  • Finding hookups is easier than ever thanks to the site’s specialized Personals area.


  • You need an account on the site before you can contribute to it.
  • Without prior warning, we may remove any advertising.

Oodle Overview

The closest Craigslist replacement, Oodle is an excellent choice for local hookups. Craigslist alternatives like Oodle are excellent for locating hookups. This web site has real estate, automobile, service and personal ads. 

This site is the closest thing to Craigslist. In addition to the United States, Oodle has members in the United Kingdom, India, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. If you live in a small town or rural area and are looking for a Craigslist alternative, this is a great choice. 

To browse listings, it is not necessary to register, but you must register to post ads. It is, however, free to post a personal ad.

Oodle Features

Looking for a date while traveling? Oodle is the answer. As mentioned earlier, this website is active in multiple countries, so you may find a date while traveling.


Premium membership

  • 1 month — $14.95
  • 3 months — $29.95
  • 6 months — $39.95
  • 12 months — $49.95


  • 100 credits — $10.00
  • 350 credits — $25.00

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  • The interface is straightforward and simple to use.
  • Updated adult classification systems
  • Easy to use on any portable gadget


  • Sometimes there are problems with the program.
  • Premium subscriptions often don’t come cheap.

Pernals Overview

Pernals is a new Craigslist alternative for those who miss the Personals section. This website is the most recent addition to this list. It is available as a mobile app for any mobile device. Even beginners can easily navigate its user interface. 

This site has more users in their twenties and thirties than a typical classified site because of its simple and intuitive interface. Pernals is the best replacement for the much-missed Personals section of Craigslist, and it was created specifically for it. 

As soon as you download the application for free, you can post ads immediately. In addition to browsing local listings, you can also discover who lives nearby. Built-in messaging is just one of the amazing features you can access through the app.

Pernals Features

For those looking for an alternative to Craigslist’s Personals section, Pernals is one of the few options that offers a mobile app.

The dating site allows users to sign up for free and get access by downloading a mobile app for either iOS or Android. If you’re looking for a great Craigslist dating experience, this app may be for you.


  • 1 Month — $14.99
  • 3 Months — $34.99
  • 6 Months — $59.99

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  • Seeking has been reliable for over 15 years.
  • Users of Seeking are seeking for non-traditional
  • Perfect for folks who are seeking open partnerships


  • While seeking is not free to use, the benefits far outweigh the cost
  • Not every user is vetted

Seeking Overview

Dating sites like Seeking provide one-stop shopping for Craigslist hookups. Since its inception, Seeking has been a go-to destination for unique dating experiences. As a result, this site has long been sought after by individuals seeking a unique dating experience.

As a result, all users are open about what they’re looking for in a relationship on Seeking. In addition to Craigslist Personals, you may send gay Personals without fear of being judged. To access premium features, you must pay a monthly fee to access Seeking.

While Craigslist was largely free to use, Seeking requires a monthly fee. Used in conjunction with a number of excellent dating features, such as video chat and user verification, the cost may be justified.

Seeking Features

Seeking recently added video chat to its premium features list. This feature makes it simple to stay in touch with your online friends, regardless of whether or not you can physically meet them.


  • One month Premium subscription — $99.99
  • One month Diamond subscription — $249.99
  • Three months — $269.99


HELPFUL FOR Young people might earn additional money via sugar dating.

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  • Extra dating features may be found on this sex classifieds website
  • Huge following of tolerant users
  • A great site to meet potential partners in both sex and romance


  • Accounts may be dormant or fake.
  • Classical website layouts

AdultFriendfinder Overview

If you’re searching for hookup sites like Craigslist, you’re probably trying to enhance your sex and love life. AdultFriendFinder is the perfect spot if you want to do the same. 

In addition, this site serves those in slightly uncommon relationships. Because of AFF’s open community, it has become a terrific Craigslist alternative for adults. In addition, it is an alternative to Craigslist hookup for gay adults. 

If your dating preferences are unconventional, you won’t be judged on this website. Because of the wide range of interests sought by AFF users, it is a terrific website if you are searching for a specific relationship interest.

AdultFriendFinder Features

There are plenty of extra advantages to using AFF besides the standard dating tools. For example, you may read and contribute to user blogs and forums. Additionally, you may enjoy some extra entertainment through the live cam function.


  • 1 month — $39.95
  • Three months — $80.85
  • 12 months — $239.40


ADEQUATE FOR those in search of casual encounters, sex, fetishes, genuine emotions, and love.

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Ashley Madison


  • Applicable to mobile devices
  • A modern and simple UI
  • Registration is free


  • People who are married are the only ones who may use it.
  • Concerns about safety in the past, in short.

Ashley Madison Overview

Ashley Madison isn’t really a classifieds site, but it serves as a credible replacement for Craigslist Personals.

The Ashley Madison service is excellent. The online interface and the mobile application are both very user-friendly. You may also take use of tools like online messaging and digital presents.

New members may join Ashley Madison without spending a dime. To have access to the premium features, however, you will need to become a paying member.

Ashley Madison Features

The search function on Ashley Madison is its most useful tool. There is no obligation to communicate with other users based on their suggested matches, unlike some other sites. Instead, it aids in locating other users using the search function.


  • 100 credits — $59.00
  • 500 credits — $169.00
  • 1000 credits — $289.00


FAVORABLE FOR setting up covert dates between married individuals. Dates with no expectations other than having a good time and getting horny.

  • SUPPORT RATE: 4.6 of 5
  • SUCCESS RATE: 4.4 of 5

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Best Way to Find Hookups

Finding anything online has become very popular. Finding love online is one of them, but you can also find hookups here. In addition to these methods, you can find hookups as well.

Hookup sites:

Hookup sites are one of the finest ways to discover hookups online. These sites are a decent substitute for Craigslist. These sites provide certain advantages to ensure a pleasant hookup experience.

  • You may find other users who share your interests by using the search filters.
  • The standard precautions against giving out too much personal information on dating services are not necessary.
  • The rise of the casual sex site
  • Participants have the option of maintaining their anonymity.

These online communities cater exclusively to those seeking casual sexual encounters.

Forum sites

You can find people seeking sexting partners to share nudes with on forum sites. Here, you can find people looking for video chat or casual encounters.

How to Use Craigslist Personals Hookup Websites?

These sites function like most hookup sites.

  • The initial stages are typically signup and profile creation.
  • You have the option of paying for a premium membership or continuing on at no cost. Free users can only use a subset of the site’s features, while paying subscribers get access to everything.
  • There is usually a search function on dating and hookup sites. You have narrowed the membership pool down to the most suitable candidates.
  • An option to “swipe right” on several dating platforms is available. As potential partners are suggested to you, you have the option of accepting them or rejecting them.
  • Upon discovering a potential suitor on one of these adult Personals sites, you are free to contact them using the provided means. If things go well throughout the talk, the two of you could end up making out.

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Tips on How to Hook Up on Craigslist

Compared to conventional online dating services, Craigslist Personals is not all that exciting. Members of Craigslist Personals, in contrast, need not put out as much information about themselves or rely on compatibility rankings to find a date.

The personals section of Craigslist is a veritable treasure trove of dates. Understanding how to publish and respond to messages is the key.

How to make posts?

There are various posts on Craigslist, ranging from Craigslist one nightstand to spam. Instead of answering every person’s post, you can post your own. It’s fine to describe yourself in a way that makes you appear like a unique human being. Don’t get me wrong; you still want others, but not at the expense of yourself.

How to respond?

It’s common for members to have a certain type of person in mind when using the platform. Narrow down your matches to a select few; don’t bother answering all messages. Then you can engage with them in interesting conversations. Additionally, make sure to see at least four to five photos before arranging an offline meeting.

How to Stay Safe With Personals Ads

Find the most nasty or wonderful person on the planet on Craigslist Personals. Find a date for the evening or a lifelong companion on our site. However, if you are not careful with every Personals ad, you might wind yourself a victim of murder or rape.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while replying to a personal ad:

  • Don’t rush into meeting your new friend. Talk to them until you’re both ready for the meeting to take place. It’s important to check their photos before agreeing to meet with them, since some of them could be rapists or serial murderers.
  • Describe your date in detail to your loved ones and keep them posted on the date’s progress.
  • Check for sexually transmitted diseases to see whether your date is safe.
  • Meet them at a public place, like a restaurant or bar.

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Was Craigslists Encounter Ads Legit?

There were some genuine hookup ads on Craigslist; some people talked about their sexual experiences with someone from the platform. Some people met their spouses and partners here. However, other hookup ads were lures for rape and murder victims. Members must exercise caution when meeting people offline as a result.

What Does Fwb Mean on Craigslist

Friends with benefits, or FwB, is an abbreviation. That is to say, sex occurs between people who know one other but are not romantically involved.

Will Craigslist Personals Be Reinstated?

There have been numerous petitions created in support of reinstating Craigslist Personals after its removal. People thought they could restore Craigslist’s section, and there were even numerous forum websites and posts dedicated to doing so. Unfortunately, it is not possible.

Is Craigslist a Safe Hookup Platform?

Anyone could sign up to Craigslist Personals and look for sex without any verification of their identity. Some individuals said they only saw what their sex partner looked like when they finally met in person.

What Does DoubleList Mean?

DoubleList is a dating, classified, and personals site – the best option to Craigslist personals. Everyone is welcome, regardless of sexual orientation.

Is It Illegal to Use Hookup Sites?

Hookup sites are permitted as long as the admins do not charge for sexual encounters. In other words, it is lawful for hookup sites to charge for membership, but it is illegal to offer hookups. It is also illegal for minors to join hookup sites given that they contain local adult pages that are inappropriate for young people.


Prior to being shut down, Craigslist Personals was a great way to meet new people, go on dates, and discover like-minded individuals. We are sorry to see it go, but there are several Craigslist alternatives that should help fill the void.

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