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BeNaughty Review: Great Dating Site?

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As its name suggests, BeNaughty is a dating site where users may be open and frank about their sexual desires. BeNaughty, which launched back in the year 2000, has quickly become a top choice for online daters.

BeNaughty is the best site to use if you’re looking for discreet sexual encounters, since it has over 500,000 users in the United States alone.

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How We Reviewed Benaughty

We started by checking through the Benaughty pages. How dynamic do they tend to be? Seriously in search of romantic partners? How many years does the for all phrase cover?

These criteria may seem arbitrary, but we give each site we consider for launch a lengthy enough series of tests to give us a good feel for the people who ultimately drive it.

We also checked the site’s conference calling capabilities. In order to gain an accurate idea of this number, we conduct tests in a variety of locations worldwide, excluding data from big cities, and then we compare BeNaughty to the industry standard.

And we check out what happens when we use different pages. People with black hair, people with blonde hair, people who are tall or short would all be included. An excellent dating service must be able to arrange dates for its users.

Before forming an opinion, we put BeNaughty through its paces by using both its premium and free services for one whole week. The mobile and desktop versions of the sites are also evaluated. In determining the value of a given site, functionality may be crucial.

  • The right person for a meaningful, long-term relationship? Most people who use dating services are looking for the same thing you are, so it makes sense to sign up with one
  • Nice flings and dates that might lead somewhere serious? Currently, BeNaughty and similar online dating services are ideal
  • Activities of  sexual nature with no responsibilities? In recent years, casual relationships have risen in popularity, especially among women

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How Many Languages Are Available On BeNaughty?

At the moment, English is the primary language supported by BeNaughty.

Who Is The Owner Of BeNaughty?

BeNaughty is a company owned by Cupid Plc. In 2009, they purchased the service from Together Networks Limited, making it one of the longest-running dating platforms around.

Where Is BeNaughty Based Now?

Many reports state that after being purchased by Cupid Plc, BeNaughty has relocated to Edinburgh, Scotland, in the United Kingdom.

When Was BeNaughty Founded?

BeNaughty.com first appeared online in the year 2000. Initially, it was an online dating service run by Together Networks Limited. In 2009, it was purchased by Cupid Plc.

Is BeNaughty Available All Around The World?

BeNaughty was acquired by Cupid Plc in 2009, which greatly increased the service’s functionality. Currently, BeNaughty is accessible in the most populous nations on all continents.

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Special Features

Highlighted below are only a few of BeNaughty’s many unique offerings.

  1. Using the “Promote My Account” function, you may contact other users and introduce yourself by sending them winks and messages.
  2. When you activate Basic Safe Mode, you will not receive any messages from users who have been reported for suspicious activity in the past

Audience Quality

BeNaughty has a massive user base of millions. There are 500,000 people that call the Usa home. The primary goal of the dating site is to introduce users who are searching for a casual sexual experience. Only approximately 12%, or roughly 120,000 people, actively utilize the site each week out of those million.

The vast majority of the site’s users are female, which may not be coincidental given that women are exempt from payment requirements to utilize the majority of the dating platform’s services.

Age Distribution

The majority of BeNaughty users fall in the 25-34 age range, with those between 18 and 24 coming in a close second. Next comes the group aged 35–44, with just a handful of people in the 45–54 bracket. There are hardly any users on BeNaughty that are 55 or older.

Fakes and Scammers

Almost no one on BeNaughty is trying to take your money. BeNaughty’s strict verification process eliminates the vast majority of false accounts and fraudsters.

Mobile App and Website

The app’s user experience is just as streamlined and intuitive as the website’s, so they both fulfill the same functions. However, although the website is accessible through browser on all platforms, the app version is only available for Android phones.

BeNaughty App

This software is well-designed and simple to use. Aside from some minor differences, the app and the website both provide similar functionality. The app is readily available for no cost on the Google Play Store. The app’s exclusivity to Android devices is the one significant drawback.

BeNaughty Website

The BeNaughty website is attractive, and it’s also quite easy to use, so it’s almost ideal. Site loading times are about par, so there isn’t much time lost as you wait for pages to load.

Can I Access BeNaughty App Using My Computer?

The BeNaughty website is attractive, and it’s also quite easy to use, so it’s almost ideal. Site loading times are about par, so there isn’t much time lost as you wait for pages to load.

Which Browsers Can Access BeNaughty?

BeNaughty works with every major web browser. The website is compatible with all major web browsers, including Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Phoenix, and Internet Explorer.

Why Am I Having Difficulties Entering The Site?

Possible reasons for your difficulties logging in include not using a supported browser or being banned from the service.

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The layout of BeNaughty’s interface is straightforward and simple to use. Anybody, regardless of their familiarity with technology, should be able to use these buttons with ease. The site takes about an average amount of time to load, and the colors utilized in the design are quite nice.

Registration Process

During sign up for BeNaughty, you will be asked to provide personal information such as your birth date, gender, email address, and a password. You will then get a verification email, which, once clicked, will take you back to the site. 

Filling up your profile requires you to provide information like your username, your status (in the form of a Twitter length), the age range of potential matches you’re interested in meeting, your location, and a number of other pieces of information.

Next up is the profile photo, which should be no more than 8mb in size and no less than 99 × 99px in dimensions. Using your computer’s webcam, you may snap a photo to use as your profile picture, and then submit it.

Can I Unmatch A BeNaughty Member That I’ve Once Been Matched With?

You may remove yourself from a match with another BeNaughty user by visiting their profile and clicking the “Unmatch” option.

How Old Should You Be To Sign Up On BeNaughty?

BeNaughty is an adult-only dating service, thus only those over the age of 18 may sign up and create an account. There is a danger of losing your BeNaughty account if you misrepresent your age as a result of signing up.

How Can I Verify My Account?

In order to fully join BeNaughty, you must first pass a picture test. Create an account with at least one photo of yourself as your profile image. This picture will next be put though a battery of checks for things like pornography and nudeness. 

If you use a picture of a famous person or a model as your profile picture, you will be flagged as a possible imposter. In a similar vein, your picture will be verified against database records to determine whether it has been uploaded to the site before.

The dating site checks your email address to prevent you from creating several accounts with the same email provider.

Which Ways Can I Verify My Email?

You’ll need to provide your email address in order to join BeNaughty. Your account will be established using this email address, and a confirmation message will be sent there when your account is set up. Please open the verification email in order to confirm your email address.

What Would Happen If I Register On BeNaughty With My Facebook Account?

BeNaughty does not need its users to log in with a social media account. To join BeNaughty, all you need is an email address.

Can I Use The Site Without Being A Registered Member?

You can’t utilize the BeNaughty dating service until you sign up as a member. In order to utilize the website and access all of its features, you are required to not only become a member of the website but also upgrade to a premium membership.

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Profile Set-Up

Despite the fact that BeNaughty does its best to screen out phony users by verifying members’ identities throughout the registration process, member profiles on the site are sparse. Also, skipping has something to do with the fact that you may opt out of profile completion. 

Some profiles are quite brief, leaving you with little information to go on beyond basic demographics like age and location.

Your profile may now include feature video clips that you’ve uploaded alongside still images. In order to use BeNaughty for free, you can only see user profiles and photographs. Only paying members may see all of the media posted on other users’ accounts.

Height, date of birth, username, and location are just some of the basic pieces of information that may be found on profiles.

Can I Delete A Photo That I Already Uploaded In BeNaughty?

A previously posted picture may be removed, that much is true. To remove an image, just select it and use the “Delete” button.

How Can I Edit My Username In BeNaughty?

BeNaughty’s profile photo may be seen in the top right corner of the site, where you can also change your username. In order to change your username, visit the “My Profile” page.

Can I Delete My BeNaughty Profile?

You can, in fact, get rid of your BeNaughty account if you want to. To remove your profile, go to the “My Profile” area and click the “Delete” button.

What Will Happen If I Disable The “Show Me On BeNaughty ” Option?

If you do not want your BeNaughty profile to appear in other members’ search results, you may turn off the “Show Me” option.

Can I Delete The Information That I’ve Already Submitted To BeNaughty?

The data you’ve previously submitted to BeNaughty may be removed at any time. Go to “My Profile” and erase the data you no longer want to keep.

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Member Search

BeNaughty’s free membership gives you access to the site’s search filter, which you can use to narrow down the pool of potential dates. The BeNaughty search functions are the best method to find potential partners. 

The search tools allow you to zero in on potential matches based on a wide variety of factors, from demographic information like age and location to more subjective characteristics like income and drinking preferences.

The search result displays a list of users that fit your search criteria along with some basic details like their proximity to you, the caliber of their photos, and the device they used to access the site.

Can I See The BeNaughty Members Who I Liked?

People whose profiles you find attractive may be “liked” in the “hot or not” game by tapping the screen. Here you may see a history of the users whose profiles you’ve liked.

What Are The BeNaughty Search Options?

BeNaughty offers two different search mechanisms. The first is a standard search that narrows down potential partners depending on your input. Some of these constraints include the applicant’s age, residence, and sexual orientation, among others.

But if you want a broader result, you can always click the “more” option and broaden your search. This broader search allows you to narrow results based on everything from appearance to values.

Is It Possible To See If Someone Likes Your Profile On BeNaughty If You Are A Free Member?

In the “hot or not” area, a listing of your actions includes individuals who have previously liked your profile. As a free user, you lack access to this section of the dating site.

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Unlike on other sites, BeNaughty allows you to send and receive more than just text messages; you can also send and receive images, videos, and even voice conversations with other users.

How Is It Possible To Start Messaging With Someone On BeNaughty?

BeNaughty uses icons to visually distinguish between different types of messaging. The content of the communication you have received is represented by one of these symbols.

Flirtcast is one example of this kind of communication. Once every 12 hours, a user may use it to broadcast a standard message to a large group of subscribers.

How Can I Send Messages To Other Members?

Male users are required to upgrade to a paid subscription level before they may initiate contact with other members on the site. A female member, however, does not need to be a paid one to engage in this behavior. 

When you wish to contact another member, you may do so by sending them a message by clicking the appropriate symbol on their profile page.

Can I Send Messages As A Free Member?

If you’re a woman and a member of BeNaughty, you’ll be happy to know that even as a free user, you have the ability to send messages. A male user of the dating site is unable to send messages.

How Can I See Who Messaged Me On BeNaughty?

BeNaughty makes it easy to track down the sender of any incoming communications. To read them, go to the “Messages” area of your account. However, the texting option is unavailable to male free members.

How Can I Use The Camera On BeNaughty?

Simply selecting the camera icon will allow you to begin recording on BeNaughty. That would allow you to start using the camera straight away.

How Can I Filter Those Who Can Send Me Messages On BeNaughty?

BeNaughty’s two messaging restriction tools, both of which you’re free to use, are:

  • Basic Safe Mode: You may prevent people who have been reported for suspicious activity from sending you messages using the default safe mode.
  • Full Safe Mode: In complete safe mode, you can choose who may contact you and only see messages from verified users.

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Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

The free version of BeNaughty has certain restrictions on what you can do, but it still has enough to offer. In fact, if you’re a man and you’re using BeNaughty on a free subscription, you won’t be able to send messages at all.

By selecting “Upgrade” and then “Pay with Credit Card,” you may sign up for BeNaughty’s premium membership. BeNaughty memberships are set to automatically renew until you cancel the recurring payment.

DurationPricePrice per Month
1 Day$0.99$0.99
1 Week$10.00$10.00
1 Month$28.80$28.80
3 Months$48.60$16.20

Free Membership Features

As a free BeNaughty member, you get access to the following features:

  • New members’ names may be seen in a publicly accessible database
  • One of the ways to communicate with the group is by winking
  • Members may be added to a Favorites list
  • As a female member, you have the ability to send and receive messages

Premium Membership Features

  • While conversing with other users, you may send them images and videos
  • Members’ current whereabouts may be seen
  • As a male BeNaughty member you may send and receive messages
  • The “Looking for” function is available inside the app
  • Users’ photo albums are available for viewing

Is Premium Membership Available On BeNaughty?

BeNaughty does, in fact, have a paid premium. If you want to switch from a free trial to a premium membership, all you have to do is click the green “Upgrade” button in the app or on the website, and you’ll be sent directly to the page where you can enter your payment information.

How Can I Cancel My BeNaughty Membership?

By accessing your profile settings (by clicking your profile picture), you may terminate your BeNaughty premium subscription. Your membership may be terminated at that time.

Will I Receive A Refund For Unused Time?

There will be no reimbursement for any time that is not utilized. For the simple reason that you may still get messages even while you’re not actively using the site.

Is My BeNaughty Premium Membership Automatically Renewed Monthly?

Your current subscription will be renewed for the same period of time and at the same price as your previous membership.

In most cases, your subscription will automatically renew on the final day of your current term. Your membership will be automatically renewed unless you cancel it before the renewal deadline.

Can I Get My Money Back If I Am Not Satisfied With The BeNaughty?

If you are not happy with the services provided on BeNaughty, you will not get a refund. Subscription renewal may be disabled, though.

Can I Give Support To Other BeNaughty Members?

You are not allowed to help other BeNaughty users in any way. You may top up your own BeNaughty account, but not someone else’s.

Can I Make Payment For A Month Premium Membership?

If you’re interested in upgrading your BeNaughty experience for a month, you can do so for only $28.80.

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Is Benaughty Really Safe?

Members’ safety is a top priority on BeNaughty, a dating network that places a premium on protecting its users’ privacy. This site uses the GeoTrust anti-fraud technology so you know your data and information are safe. 

People’s activities inside the app are tracked. A member’s access to the site would be terminated immediately should they engage in inappropriate conduct.

Privacy in BeNaughty

BeNaughty will never sell your information to advertisers, and all of your private conversations will be kept safe behind a secure firewall. All of your financial data will remain safe and sound because of how the billing system is designed.

Are Chats Encrypted On BeNaughty?

BeNaughty is a 100% safe environment for all users. In order to protect your privacy and security, the exclusive dating site encrypts all communications and financial transactions.

Can BeNaughty Track Me Down?

BeNaughty will not invade your privacy or give out your information. The BeNaughty team has zero motivation to go after you, therefore there’s nothing to be scared of.

Who Can I Contact If I Have Questions Regarding My Privacy In BeNaughty?

Even though the dating site takes security very seriously, if you ever feel threatened or have issues about your safety, you can always reach out to the app’s support staff.


Since BeNaughty uses GeoTrust for its anti-fraud technology, users may feel safe making purchases on the site. Using “Safe Mode,” you may restrict your interactions to a certain number of other members. 

You may be certain that all of your money transfers on the site will be safe and secure due to the site’s robust payment system.

Are BeNaughty Forums Threads Moderated?

BeNaughty’s moderators keep the boards clean. This is done to prevent members from breaking the site’s guidelines.

What Happens If A Member Solicits Money On BeNaughty?

BeNaughty keeps tabs on its members’ behavior, so if you were ever approached by someone asking for money, the appropriate authorities would be notified immediately. A ban, likely permanent, would be the consequence for such members.

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Banned Account

Virtually all member activity on BeNaughty is screened to make sure you’re following the site’s guidelines. If you breach any of these rules, you will be banned immediately. The amount of time you’ll be banned depends on how serious your crime was.

Why Am I Having Difficulties Accessing BeNaughty?

If you’re having trouble logging into your BeNaughty account, it’s likely because your IP address has been blacklisted. You won’t be able to access your account at all if it has been banned.

How Long Do BeNaughty Bans Last?

Bans that aren’t indefinite often only last for a few days or hours. The length of the ban depends on how bad the crime was. A minor offense might get you banned for a few hours, while a serious crime might get you banned for a few days.

How Can I Reactivate My Banned BeNaughty Account?

In the event that your account has been temporarily suspended and is not permanently disabled, you may request to have it restored. If this happens, you’ll need to contact the dating site’s support team to have your account reinstated.

Protect Yourself

While BeNaughty does a good job of keeping its users safe, it doesn’t hurt to take additional precautions. Avoid giving up your home or work address, email, or credit card number to anybody you meet on the site.

How Can I Block And Report A Suspected Scammer On Site?

If you feel someone on BeNaughty is trying to defraud you, you may report them by going to their profile and clicking the “report” option. After that, you may block them by selecting that option.

Which Information Shouldn’t You Post In Your BeNaughty Account?

BeNaughty does need certain personal information from its users, but it does not require details like your exact location, home address, place of employment, and the like to be posted on a user’s profile.

Help and Support

You may reach customer care on the webpage if there are any inquiries.

Real Life Review

Within the first five minutes of joining BeNaughty, I received dozens of messages from ladies. Given that I’m not exactly the most attractive person in the room, I take it to be a positive sign.

And the best part is that they don’t spend time on small talk and immediately want to take pictures and videos with one another.

It’s entertaining to play the “hot or not” game, and I do my best to not feel bad about passing on a beautiful lady. The abundance of stunning ladies on the app is overwhelming.

BeNaughty isn’t your typical dating service, so there’s no room for sentiment here. I’ve also been lucky enough to avoid any scammers or bogus profiles so far, which is saying something given how pervasive this problem is on other online dating services. – Brian, 32.

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Can BeNaughty Be Regarded As The Best Dating Site/App?

Let’s say you want to locate a dating site where you may meet individuals interested in casual sexual encounters, cybersex, etc., whether they’re single or in a committed relationship. If you’re looking for a safe bet, BeNaughty is it.

Is BeNaughty Safe For Users?

In contrast to other milf dating apps, BeNaughty puts user safety and privacy first. In order to prevent the usage of fraudulent profiles, registration is subject to stringent verification processes.

Can BeNaughty Be Considered A Hook-Up App?

BeNaughty is a dating app that encourages its users to be upfront about what they’re looking for in a partner. BeNaughty is the place to find casual dates, casual hookups, and casual relationships.

Can BeNaughty Be Used For Free?

You can sign up with BeNaughty for free and utilize some of its features, including sending winks and messages as a woman, right away. However, you’ll need a paid subscription to the dating site in order to make full use of its many features.

How Does BeNaughty Work?

The first step in learning the ins and outs of BeNaughty is creating an account. You cannot see the BeNaughty website in its entirety unless you have a valid account with the dating service.

BeNaughty’s sign-up process is quick and painless, taking no more than three minutes at most. Please provide your age, dating interests, and email address.

After you fill out the necessary fields, your account will be created. Your email address will get a confirmation message. After you confirm your email, you’ll be able to complete your profile with details and images. The BeNaughty website and app are both compatible with all major browsers.

Can Fake Profiles Or Scam Members Be Found On BeNaughty?

There are seldom any scammers or false accounts on BeNaughty. It’s because prospective members’ identities would be thoroughly checked as soon as they sign up, eliminating any possibility of fraud. 

While creating a profile, not only is the owner’s real identity checked, but so is the email address in case the same individual creates several accounts.

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Alternative Sites Like BeNaughty

Tinder, Fling, and Elite Singles are some of the other online dating platforms that you might try if you’re not satisfied with BeNaughty. Except for Elite Singles, all of the other dating apps are only for hookups and casual encounters. That’s because it takes a more moderate approach.


Log on to BeNaughty if you’re looking for a no-strings-attached sexual experience. BeNaughty is not like other dating services since it actively promotes sexual activity. 

The paid features are unrivaled, and the free version of the site is functionally equivalent. With users responding to messages in seconds, it’s a breeze to arrange meet-ups. Our BeNaughty review was written with you in mind, and we hope it helps!

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