Maidenhead, a market town in England, is home to some exotic places that you may find in any other part of the world. Filled with cultural bearings and other essential aspects, the place stands to help you formulate a vacation that will always be memorable. But to draft a plan of that sort, you need to know the best things to do in Maidenhead. So go ahead and read all that you need to know about the same.

1. Ray Mill Island

Ray Mill Island is a charming public park that is situated in the middle of a river. Apart from helping you take a comfortable walk around the place, Ray Mill Island also includes a cafe that opens its doors during summer. So soon after your walk, you can head over to the cafe and sip tea or coffee till your next adventure begins. Apart from all that, the adventure playground for children is another place that will keep your kids busy and happy for a long time.

Ray Mill Island

2. Maidenhead Heritage Centre

The Maidenhead Heritage Centre may be small, but it is bound to surprise you with all that it has to offer. As a museum, the place includes several exhibitions, including ones that are permanent. Among the same, you will find a Roman skeleton that was buried near Bray in the 5th century. Moreover, the vivid “Story of Maidenhead” is another aspect that will help you understand more about this place and how history has shaped Maidenhead.

3. Boulter’s Lock

A visit to Boulter’s Lock is bound to hit you with a warm feeling as the place combines the many elements you need for a vacation. This particular lock was built during 1912 and even went on to replace a few others. With an upmarket pub/restaurant and balcony, the place stands to offer an experience like never before. Apart from food, you can also get used to an ambiance that welcomes people and helps them feel comfortable. So remember the name and pay a visit to learn more.

Boulter's Lock

4. The Sounding Arch

The Sounding Arch is more than just a historic structure. Each arch that is a part of the structure has a span of 39 meters, but it only rises seven meters above the water. Designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel in the 1830s, the structure’s name comes from the echo created by Brunel’s innovative and path-breaking design. Apart from that, the bridge was also painted by Joseph Mallord William Turner, who did so, amidst rain, steam, and speed.

So consider these places and pay a visit to the same because they are surely going to live up to your expectations. Hence, that was the list of the best things to do in Maidenhead.

Choosing a barber is an essential process since the service needs to take your needs into consideration. They should provide you with a good look that stands close to what you had in mind. But to achieve that, you need to find the best barber in town, and we are here to help you out. With a complete list of the best barbers in Maidenhead, you stand to gain the information you want. So go ahead and read the following to know who’s going to help you look good.

Dave Alan Unisex Hairstylist

With ratings and a classic set of options, Dave Alan Unisex Hairstylist is a place that you’re going to love. The staff is friendly, and the services unique. Due to that, you can go about explaining the look you want, and they will ensure that you get it all. While cost-related aspects tend to lie at a different level, you will pay the right amount for the quality service you have received. So consider this place and try it out to know more.

Dave Alan Unisex Hairstylist

Clipso the Barber Shop

Located in 20 Queen Street Maidenhead SL6 1HZ, Clipso, the Barber Shop is another place you can try. Like Dave Alan Unisex Hairstylist, Clipso also comes forward with a long list of options. Their staff tends to focus on details and manage to help you out to a great extent. Moreover, their prices are quite exciting, and you will always term it to be affordable. Due to that, you need to try it out and understand the kind of quality that they are able to put forward.

Alternative Barbering Company

The Alternative Barbering Company is an exclusive platform that offers a touch of tradition and modern requirements. As their employees are experienced, you can stand a chance to receive a different type of service that is unique and affordable. Apart from that, they also accept the right set of payment methods, making the entire process seem like an effortless task. So go ahead and consider their services to know more about what you are bound to receive.

Alternative Barbering Company

The Hairdressers

The Hairdressers tend to offer a wide range of services for everyone. While one may also classify them to be a bit expensive, you will understand the reason for the same once you begin to experience it. From appointments to parking, The Hairdressers go above and beyond to offer the complete take on all that you need. But in case you’re confused about this, you can read a few reviews to clarify your doubts and make things count for the best.

So look into these services and find out the one that can help you out to a great extent.

Spending an evening in Maidenhead with your favourite drink is known to be the ideal way to forget everything and be a part of the moment. But to achieve that level of comfort, you need to know the best bars in Maidenhead and figure out the ones that suit your requirements. While information regarding the best bars is something that we can provide, choosing the one that is best suited for your needs is something that you need to do. So read the following and go about exploring the best bars in Maidenhead.

1. Crown & Cushion

Crown and Cushion is a classic bar located on 84 High Street, Elton, Windsor, England. Featuring a menu of delights, the place opens its doors towards various aspects of fun and excitement. From meals to the best drinks, Crown and Cushion have everything that you would want to find in a bar. Apart from its features, their customer service has also been praised time and again since people are loving all that they have to offer.

Crown & Cushion

2. The Oarsman

Located on 46 Spittal Street, Marlow SL7 1DB England, The Oarsman is another place that combines the many elements of a classic bar. Like Crown & Cushion, they too have an expansive menu that features both meals and drinks. Moreover, since it all sums up to come up to an affordable limit, you need not be worried about having a little fun at The Oarsman. On the other hand, customer reviews also predict a good ambiance and service, taking The Oarsman right to the top.

3. The Three Horseshoes

The Three Horseshoes has been rising in terms of popularity and quality, as the bar has managed to take things in a new direction. As the food and service score a complete 10, you can be assured about the rest, and it is indeed worth it. Their vegetarian-friendly option has always been a favourite, and anyone who has visited the place has nothing but kind words to describe it. So explore the world of The Three Horseshoes and understand what they’re like.

The Three Horseshoes

4. The Long Barn

From classic cuisines to drinks that you love, The Long Barn is a place that is going to change things for the better. It is located in Cippenham Lane, Slough SL1 5AH England, and stands close to other prime locations. So before heading over for a drink, you can go for a tour and do some form of exploration. As the pub’s timings are quite flexible, you need not be worried about anything. So call your friends and go ahead to visit The Long Barn.

Hence, that was our list for the best bars in the land of Maidenhead.

Maidenhead is a great tourist destination that offers a lot about the history of the world. There is always something new happening in Maidenhead. The town has one of the oldest and strongest conservative majorities in the world. But the people are still welcoming and like to tell others about their history. Maidenhead has a lot to offer to tourists as they are given so much to the world. Let us take a look at the Maidenhead’s interesting events and inventions that affected the world.


One of the oldest Roman villas in the world

The village at Cox Green is one of the oldest villages that goes back to 100 AD. It was the time when Romans had there spread in the area. The villa was first discovered through aerial photography in the 1950s and was only dug up almost a decade later. This Roman villa is said to be one of the oldest and highly advanced villas compared to any other villas discovered around the world. The experts believed that this villa was used for various things, including agriculture, barn, and for creating and storing manor.

Roman villas

The best restaurant in the world

The Fat Duck restaurant has been named as the best restaurant in the world in 2004. It is a unique restaurant and a great tourist attraction. Famous for its innovative and delicious dishes, The Fat Duck is owned by Heston Blumenthal. Its ambiance, service, and cleanliness make it a Michelin three stars restaurant. It is a must-go for anyone visiting Maidenhead with friends and family.

The biggest norovirus outbreak

You will be surprised that the biggest norovirus outbreak due to food poisoning also happened at the Fat Duck. To your surprise, this incident also took place in 2004, when around 400 diners fell ill after eating at the Fat Duck. The tests revealed that this was a result of a contaminated shellfish, which was exposed to human sewage. Noone could ever justify how such misconduct could happen in such a restaurant. Among the fallen sick people, Jim Rosenthal, the ITV football hosting legend, was also admitted to the hospital.

biggest norovirus outbreak

King Charles I found guilty of treason

IN 1647, when King Charles I was found guilty of high treason and was sentenced to death. When King Charles was kept a prisoner before the execution time, the leader of parliament, Thomas Fairfax, allowed him to meet his children for the last time. A plaque at the site of the former Greyhound Inn in Maidenhead reminds everyone of when King Charles I went there in 1647. The Inn was burnt down in 1735, and now NatWest Bank stands on the property.

Maidenhead’s rail bridge

Maidenhead has the biggest railway bridge in Europe, which was built by legendary Isambard Kingdom Brunel. The bridge has two widest and flattest arches made only from bricks. Each arch is 228 feet wide and 24 feet high. Although many architects have questioned the architecture of the bridge and found flaws in the design, it is still holding on just fine.

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